Berenice Abbott

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The photographer I chose to emulate for Architecture photography is Berenice Abbott. Abbott’s photography style was very interesting, she learned from one of the greatest photographers of all time, Man Ray. Man Ray took pictures of the changing architecture in Paris so Abbott travelled to New York and did the same. Abbott photographed New York and the changing architecture during the great depression. The photographs she came up with are absolutely stunning works of art of the architecture in New York.

Abbott was inspired by the Social Realism era. Social Realism a photographic style that focuses on the hardships of everyday life and was very popular during the great depression.

Abbott loved showing off high contrast in her image as well as social contrasts in her images that weren’t architecture. Abbott also didn’t like to use any sort of abstract elements in her image, she was a very firm believer in “straight photography.” Straight photography is where the photographer doesn’t use any sort of special effects and minimal editing in their images. Abbott believed in showing the realism of the image and not something that she edited to perfection.

I included some of my favorites of her work that I hope to be able to recreate in some way. My favorite is the last one to the right of the single building, I think she captured the architecture of New York beautifully in this image.

These 4 photographs I included don’t even represent fully the extent of her talent. Click here for a link to her gallery, which holds more of her astounding photography


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